The Worst Color You Can Wear To A Job Interview

Making a good first impression is essential when seeking a new job. Unfortunately for people who love dressing in sunny colors, wearing orange for an interview may be the worst thing you could wear. A survey of hiring managers found that 25% of them think that not only is orange the worst color to...
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Practice Your Job Interview Skills With This Alexa Skill

One of the more stressful items in seeking a job is the interview. In many cases you can blow it with how you answer questions. But now you can have unlimited practice interviews thanks to Amazon's Alexa. I nterview Prep is an Alexa skill that has hundreds of different questions for interviews for...
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Four Things We Learned From Charlie Puth's Billboard Cover Story This Week

Charlie Puth just shared a ton of new insights about his life and career with Billboard Magazine for a brand new cover story. Yeah, we finally got to hear details about his rumored relationship with Selena Gomez.
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