Daddy Daughter Dance February 7 2020

5th Annual Daddy Daughter Dance

UF Health Pediatrics presents the 5th Annual 98.5 KTK Daddy Daughter Dance, Friday, February 7th at the Sweetwater Branch Inn Gainesville! Once again an evening of daddies and daughters dancing the night away for one magical night of priceless memories! Tickets include food, beverages, candies,...
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Coastal California City Will Pay You $100 To Visit

If you're planning on a vacation to California between now and March 31st, you can earn a crisp $100 bill for visiting one city. About four hours north of Los Angeles, on the coast, is the charming town of San Luis Obispo, which if you book a two-night stay at an area hotel, the city's tourism...
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Couple Sought To Run Island Bed And Breakfast With $130,000 Salary

If your dream of living in San Francisco has been stalled because of the ultra-high cost of living, you may want to check out this new job posting that only offers free room and board and a $130,000 yearly salary, but an incredible view of the bay. The East Brother Light Station is looking for a...
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Days Inn Looking To Pay $10,000 For Someone To Take Pictures For Their Rooms

With summer getting closer, the summer job for those in school becomes more of a reality. This particular job has some perks that you can’t pass up if you've ever wanted to travel. Days Inn is on the hunt for someone to travel the United States this summer, and not only will they cover all your...
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