The Inflatable Twister Game BGoard

Twister was a fun game to play when you were younger. But with all the aches and pains of adulthood, it can now be a challenging game to master. However this inflatable Twister play-board might make it a bit easier! This unofficial version has all the elements of the original Twister: There are red...
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One-Piece Inflatable Suit Aims To Make Traveling Easy

Whoever said that when it comes to traveling, getting there is half the fun, obviously never flew economy! Form long TSA lines to crowded aisles, air travel is grueling to say the least. Thankfully we now have The Inflatable Travel Jumpsuit , which is a jumpsuit designed for air travel. Created by...
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Police Searching For A Stolen Colon

Police in Kansas City are looking for a bowel bandit or bandits who stole a giant colon. An inflatable model of the large intestine has been stolen from the University of Kansas Cancer Center last Friday. The 150-pound, 10-foot-long inflatable colon giant is used to promote awareness of colorectal...
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