People Who Skip Breakfast More Likely To Be Overweight

Although it may sound bizarre that you'd gain weight from skipping a meal but skipping breakfast meals you are more likely to be overweight. That is the finding on the latest research linking bigger waistlines to ditching the first meal of the day. In a review of 350 people from the Mayo Clinic ,...
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Good Credit Score Ranks Higher Than Looks and Humor For Daters

When looking for love we generally seek out someone with a good sense of humor, looks, job and a high credit score. A recent Tinder survey of 2,000 daters found 2/3 of people say financial stability is more important than humor, looks, ambition, courage and modesty. Apparently a good credit score...
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Vacation Prep: Set Your iPhone To Block Unimportant Emails

You've waited so long for it, saved for it and are about to enjoy it! We're talking about your summer vacation! Two weeks of relaxation that is interrupted by a phone displaying hordes of emails that aren't really important. Instead of spending precious vacation time chained to your iPhone, take...
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