Silver Springs Rhesus Monkeys On The Move Towards Orlando

Recent news of an escaped cobra snake in Ocala and boas, anacondas and pythons hunts play into the growing reputation that Florida is one big zoo of exotic animals. For instance, silver springs infamous rhesus macaques monkey would occasionally bee seen and heard when enjoying a glass bottom boat...
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Florida Neighborhood Rally To Help Displaced Elderly Neighbor

Sometimes you need to hear of a story that restores faith in doing the right thing. We head down the gulf coast to Hudson, Florida, just north of Tampa where an elderly woman had lived with her husband in their home for 35 years. Sadly, Angie Tyma's husband passed away and the woman fell on hard...
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Safety Recommendations from 2009 Hudson River Landing Remained Unfulfilled

Sully is heading into its second weekend at the top spot in movie theatre but after 7 years, Of the 35 recommendations made by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in response to the incident involving US Airways Flight 1549, which made an emergency landing on the Hudson River in New...
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