How You Cam Delete Those Tracking Ads From Virtually Everywhere Online

The good news is there are ways to control those targeted ads and with a little time and instruction, you can enjoy the web without those tracking ads popping up on your screen.
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Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

Instead of heading to the store to buy sidewalk chalk, make it yourself with the kids!
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Make Your Own Disinfectant Wipes

You can make your own disinfecting wipes with a few ingredients you have on hand that have been proven effective at killing viruses including coronavirus.
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Woman wearing a surgical mask

Reminders When Wearing A Mask

Don't let wearing a mask lure you in to a false sense of security.
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Files Your Taxes Now-Especially If You Are Expecting A Refund

Scammers rely of you delaying your tax filing so they can file it and take your money!
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Stop Bots From Sending You Facebook Friend Requests

Instructions on how to slow down bots from sending you Facebook friend requests
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Your Keys Are Filthy!

Cleanliness is your best defense in staying well through the cold and flu season. Although you use hand sanitizer religiously and clean light switches, remote controls and your cell phone on a daily basis, there's one item you use every day that you probably never cleaned. Your keys. Let's face it...
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Prevent Alexa From Blurting Out Christmas Gifts

Amazon has a pretty good system for keeping track of your orders...too good especially at this time of year when surprise gifts are unknowingly unveiled. A mother found this out the hard way when her daughter's main Christmas gift was blurted out by Amazon's voice activated digital assistant Alexa...
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Restore Your Faded Black Jeans

From the second you purchase a pair of black jeans, the clock begins to tick on their lifespan. Even after a couple of carefully-timed washings can result in fading. But we've got a "why didn't I think of that" moment that can breathe new life into any faded pair of jeans. Dye. Yep, plunging your...
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The Code That Can Open Nearly Any Hotel Room Safe

If you thought putting your valuables inside a hotel safe ensured their security, you might be wrong. In fact, those tiny boxes do little to guarantee your prized possessions' safety. Most hotel rooms contain a Safloc digital safe in the room, where you enter a four-digit code and "enter" to lock...
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