Web Site Posts All Class Action Lawsuits For Products

You buy products all the time yet hundreds of them are recalled and of those, some are even involved in a class action lawsuit. But how do you know if your product is part of a lawsuit? T op Class is a web site that tracks all product class-action lawsuits and even gives you specific...
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Skip The Generics On These 3 Items And Buy Name Brand

A great way to stretch your shopping dollar is to buy generic items. From canned peas to prescription medicine, generics are generally the same quality as name-brands but at a reduced price. However not all generics are just as good as their more expensive cousins. Experts offer advice on three...
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Could Your House Be Haunted Because Someone Died In It?

Do you live in a real live haunted house? Or perhaps did someone die in your home? In Florida, a death in a home does not have to be disclosed to buyers or renters, mainly because a death can lower a property's value by 25%. However there is a web site called died in house dot com that will check...
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Couple Plans to Build Home That Resembles Football Stadium

It could be said there are no more devoted fan than those of football. But your devotion may be eclipsed by a fan of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, who is planning to build a home modeled after the team's football stadium and not everyone is thrilled about the news. Neighbors in the town of...
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Tips for Staging Your House For A Quick Sale

The housing market is in much better shape than it has been over eh past few years. That also means there is more competition to sell your house. So when its time for an open house, here are some easy staging tips to help your house fly off the market. #1 on the list? Color! Experts say the biggest...
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