Stranger Things Themed Hotel Room To Binge Watch The Show

It's the hottest TV show that everyone is talking about, Stranger Things. It's a science-fiction horror in it's second season on Netflix, the show is mix of investigative drama alongside supernatural elements with childlike sensibilities based in the early to mid-1980s and creating a homage to pop...
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Watergate Hotel Room Get The "Scandal" Treatment For Anniversary

Before 1972 you'd be hard pressed to find anyone in America that knew of the Watergate complex in Washington DC, unless you lived or worked there. However history has forever conjured up the phrase "(blank) gate" when anything has to do with scandal and it all started in room 214 of the Watergate...
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STUDY: That Hotel Hair Dryer Is Germier Than You Realized

A new study from a microbiologist says that you should avoid using your hotel hairdryer. The microbiologist, Chuck Gerba, tested germs in hotel rooms with rates that ranged from $98 to $500 per night. The findings? Well, they were pretty disgusting: Gerba found that a hotel hair dryer can be...
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