Caution In Waxing Your Nose Hair

Some good advice to start the work week, don't wax your nose hair. Not only is it extremely painful, as beauty vlogger Sepi Balini points out, but is unhealthy. In the video, Sepi has two wax dipped sticks are inserted into each nostril and yanked out after setting. But experts warn would-be nose...
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Shower Shock Your Morning For a Buzzing Energy Boost

Waking up can be one of the most stressful parts of your day and many of us count on a cup of coffee and a shower to wake us up. Most likely you've got the coffee down pat but apparently we're taking showers wrong. Hot showers are not helpful in waking you up. Once you get out of that steamy shower...
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Hatchimals Are The Hot And Hard To Find Toy For 2016

It appears we have a champion for the hottest Christmas toy and if you can find one, you'd better buy it. They're called Hatchimals, cuddly creatures that hatch from eggs and learn to walk and talk. The excitement of never knowing which one of 5 creates you'll get. The egg, which takes upwards of...
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A Hot Glue Gun Made For Cheese

A staple of the arts and crafts world meets America's favorite gooey hamburger topping. Make way for the world's first hot glue gun filled with cheese. The Fondoodler is not a joke and it's a game-changer in the world a decorated food. Simply load the Fondoodler with your favorite meltable cheese,...
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Wine Spa Where You Can Swim In a Pool of Merlot or Bordeaux

You often hear of people drowning their sorrows in a bottle. What if that bottle filled swimming pool and that swimming pool is real wine? In another example where fact is stranger than fiction, the Yunessun Spa Resort has been filling pools with coffee, green tea, ramen broth and, yes, wine for...
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Police Break Into Parked Car To Rescue Trapped Wig In Back Seat

There have been many states, including Florida, that allows the public to break into parked cars if they suspect a child or animal is trapped inside. The law may not have been at the top of Jasmine Turner's mind, until Suffolk, Virginia police broke her car's window to rescue a trapped child inside...
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