City Fines Walkers For Texting While Crossing The Street

Starting Wednesday (10/25/2017), walkers in Honolulu, Hawaii can be fined for walking across the street while texting, gaming or looking at your phone. The "Distracted WAlking" law is the firs of it's kind aims to curb teh highest rate of pedestrians hit by cars in the country as being distracted...
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City To Fine Pedestrians Who Use Mobile Devices While Crossing Street

Four in ten of us admit to injuring themselves while texting or viewing their mobile device while walking resulting in more than 11,000 injuries blamed on phone-related distraction while walking between 2000 and 2011. It's prompted the city of Honolulu, Hawaii to begin fining people for using their...
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Best and Worst Airports To Travel Through For Summer

Even after a year of bad press of overbooking, computer network crashes and massive delays, the airlines are expecting over 234 million of us to fly from June 1st through August 31st, that's up from last year's record. With all that traffic, you can expect some delays and while we can't control the...
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