Nurses Ranked As Most Honorable And Ethical Profession

For the 16th consecutive year, Americans have ranked nursing as the most honest and ethical profession in America. Out of 22 careers surveyed, 82% of Americans say nurses' ethics are very high. Followed by Military Officers, Grade School Teachers, Medical Doctors and Pharmacists round out the top 5...
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An Unorthodox, Yet Honest Way To Sell Girl Scout Cookies

While we set our eyes towards the Super bowl on Sunday and out heart of Valentine's Day in a couple of weeks. Most likely your stomach is set for Girl Scout cookies as the annual sales gets underway. Charlotte McCourt had a goal of selling 300 boxes this year, but with her very unorthodox but...
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People Who Use Profanity Seen As More Honest

Swearing is socially frowned upon but the silver lining is those who use profanity tend to be more honest. A recent study most of those who swear use the words to express their true self and be honest, or to express negative emotions rather than to insult or intimidate others. The latest study,...
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