Do This One Thing First When You Get A Job Offer

41% of job candidates negotiate every job offer, good or bad, and or those who did negotiate, 83% say they received higher pay.
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Service Aims To Defend Those Bullied On Social Media Platforms

No one could've guessed how much social media impacts our lives a decade ago. But we now know that mixed in with its positives of making a big world smaller, there is a dark side. A recent study found that 41% have been harassed online . It found that name calling and embarrassment as the most...
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Data Suggests Your Name Is Tied To Your Income

What is in a name? Tradition, uniqueness, your paycheck! There is some data that suggest people with certain names make more money than others. The job search engine’s ValueMyName tool took first name and salary data from half a million résumés to provide an average salary for 1,200 first names,...
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