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Avoid These Face Mask Laundry Mistakes

By now you've accumulated a few cloth face masks and like any article of clothing, they need to be cleaned for them to be effective. But there are some laundry pitfalls you want to avoid when cleaning face masks
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hand sanitizer

Keeping Hand Sanitizer In Your Car Makes It Less Effective And Could Potentially Explode

Keeping bottles of hand sanitizer in your hot car can cause its active ingredient, alcohol, to evaporate, making the sanitizer less effective.
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Get More Time In Between Hair Color Treatments

Switching up your part can make roots look less obvious!
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Ways We are Shortening The Life Of Our Phones

Ways we are shortening teh live of our phone.
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french fries

The Best Way To Re-Heat French Fries

French fries are incredible when they first emerge from the fryer. However they are lackluster when re-heating them in your to-go box. While you could re-fry them, who has the time or want the hassle of doing that? Instead, reach for your waffle iron. Just heat it to its highest setting, place a...
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Taking A Look At Adding Collagen To Your Coffee

Collagen products are popping up everywhere. While collagen is probably most well-known for its touted skin care benefits and as a major component of lip enhancers and injections, some celebrities, like Kourtney Kardashian, are suggesting that people drink it. In fact, adding collagen to coffee is...
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How Long Can You Leave Raw And Cooked Food Out Before It Cam Be Harmful To Eat

Summer isn't summer without some sort of picnic cookout. However with our famous Florida heat, the food you are serving outside only has a limited time before it begins to spoil and become dangerous to you and your family's health. So how long is too long to keep a food at room temperature that’s...
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Stop Shielding Baby In Stroller With A Blanket

Dermatologist say that we get most of our lifetime sun exposure by the time we're 18 . And it can be tricky to try to keep an infant protected from the sun. Parents generally want to avoid using sunscreen on infants under six months old, so when you’re out for a stroll, it can be tempting to throw...
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Stop Washing Your Face In The Shower

Makes sense that when you shower that you wash every part of your body, including your face. However there are lots of good reasons why you should not wash your face in the shower, according to a dermatologist. Here's why. Most people use hotter water while showering than they would if they were...
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The Key In Brewing The Best Sweet Tea Ever

You can tell you are in the south when tea is only offered in the sweetened and cold variety! You've got to admit, a glass of sweet tea tastes absolutely delicious on a hot, summer afternoon (okay, it tastes great ANYTIME) and while many have their tweaks in making the best sweet tea, we've got one...
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