Why Can't I Hear 98.5 KTK On My Radio This Morning?

Florida is where we call home and it is as unique a place as the people who live here. Usually temperate are pretty consistent but for a few days in spring and fall the temperature changes can be drastic; by as much as 40 degrees from a low to a high. Those wild temperature fluctuation can...
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Electric Cars Are About To Get Loud

Usually we want cars to be quieter but in the case of electric and hybrid cars, they're too quiet and that's a problem for bicyclists and pedestrians who cannot hear as stalker-quiet cars approach them. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) finalized long-delayed rules that...
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Your Right Ear Is Better At Hearing And Remembering

Having a hard time hearing someone or something? Lean in with your right ear! New research finds that people of all ages depend more on their right ear than their left, and remember information better if it comes through their right ear. The research came to this conclusion after people were...
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"Can You Hear Me?" Scam Could Cost You

It almost sounds like a bad Verizon or Sprint phone joke, but be wary of speaking to anyone on the phone you don't know asking if you can hear them. The natural response is to say "yes" and believe it or not, that is a scam. Although you'd wonder how saying "yes" would be related to a scam, many...
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