Study Links Birth Month To Chronic Illnesses

Can you birth month be the reason why you have headaches, high blood pressure or depression? A Spanish study took a look at 27 chronic health ailments to see if the month you were born had anything to do with it. Surprisingly, the study confirms that certain diseases affect people differently...
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Survey Says: Woman Find Dad Bods Sexier Than Muscles

Apparently, guys should just stop trying so hard to look good. A majority of women find "dad-bods" to be sexier than a man with a muscled body. 69% of women say find guys with dad-bods to be sexy, according to a new survey . More surprisingly, a whopping 63% of women prefer guys with "dad-bod" over...
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Playing Golf is Great Exercise

When you think of exercise you might not think of golf, but you should! Macmillioan Cancer Support, a cancer charity in the U.K., says during a single round of golf, players walk four to eight miles, which would burn around 1,564 calories if you carry your own golf clubs. Since a round of golf...
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Grab your chocolate!

Regularly eating chocolate could possibly help prevent a type of irregular heartbeat that can increase the risk of heart failure, stokes, and cognitive impairment, according to a study published in Heart. Live Science reports between 2.7 million and 6.1 million Americans have atrial fibrillation,...
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Health Benefits Of Extreme Temperature Showers

You may feel that a bathing is just a normal part of proper hygiene or a wonderful way to unwind and relax but there is growing evidence that your shower can help you burn calories and even boost your immune system. Contrast water therapy has its fans, whereas you shower or bathe in the hottest...
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Pediatricians: No Fruit Juice for Infants

Juice has been a staple for infants, children, and teenagers for years. Well, pediatricians now say that you should never serve juice to your infant. Plus, there are drastic new guidelines on how much juice that kids of all ages should consume. The new guidelines were published by the American...
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If You Want to Look Younger Stop Doing This in Pics

Many of us spend our time trying to look younger than we really are, right? Well, there is a super simple trick that you can do if you want to look younger in your photos. This may be kind of shocking. In fact, when I read the findings of the new study that came out of Canada I had to do a double-...
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Gray Hair Can Tell You A Lot About Your Body

They're plucked and they're dyed in many cases, but gray hair not only is a sign of our biological age, they can also be a window into your health. Generally, gray hair begins to start for Caucasians in their mid-30s, Asians in their late 30s, and African-Americans in their mid-40s.For instance, it...
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Napercise Is The Workout That We've Been Dreaming About

Napping can be great. In fact, taking a 45-minute nap is way more appealing than sweating profusely at the gym for a workout. Right? So this new “workout” (by UK based fitness center, David Llyod Clubs) caught our attention. Dubbed “Nap-ercise,” you guessed it! It is an hour long class that is made...
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Scientists Want to Develop a Chewing Gum From the Snot Inside Your Nose

How many times a month do you tell your toddler to stop picking their nose? In fact, it’s even worse if you catch them eating it, right? Well, you may want to stop correcting your child the next time it happens. A study from the American Society for Microbiology found that there are tons of health...
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