Are Car Headlights Getting Too Bright?

Driving at night has become an eyesore with headlights. With the advancement of lighting technology it would appear to anyone on the road at night that headlights are getting brighter, which is good for the driver but bad for vehicles caught in the glare that is blinding. The National Highway...
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Older Car Headlight Not As Bright And Potentially Dangerous

An alarming new report is out from the American Automobile Association (AAA) says older vehicles headlights are not as bright as they once were, causing you to see less and be seen harder at night. Over time, the plastic coating on headlights can become so clouded or yellowed that they give off...
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Scooter Stopped For Using Smartphone Flashlight As Its Headlight

While smartphones can be useful, using them as the headlight of your scooter is not only dangerous, it is illegal. Tuesday night, a Pasco County Sheriff Corporal stopped a yellow scooter on highway 19 because the scooter's headlight was out. However the driver improvised by switching on his phone's...
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