Don't Plug Your Space Heater In To A Power Strip

The weather is cooling down and for many Floridians, anything below 70 degrees calls for the use of a space heater to warm up the room. However fire safety officials are asking that you practice extra caution when using space heaters. Apparently plugging space heaters into power strips pose a major...
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Why Aluminum And Metal Lids Are Not Getting Recycled

The good news is that more Americans are recycling! With municipalities making it easier than ever to recycle there is one item that turns out to be a problem in the recycling chain. In fact it's a hazard at recycling centers and their metal and aluminum lids. Many metal cans containing things like...
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Signs You Are A Bad Driver

No doubt you've seen some incredible things while driving the roadways. Some comical but more so incredibly dangerous. But are you part of the problem? Many time we thing we are driving safely but in reality we're the car that is causing the headaches and potentially endangering the lives of many...
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