These Are The Most Dangerous Fireworks On The Market

The fourth of July is a week from today and as Americans celebrate Independence Day with backyard BBQ's ice cream cones and an evening of fireworks. Each year, around 10,500 people are rushed into emergency rooms with firework related injuries. Of those people seeking medical attention, over 90%...
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Avocado-Related Injuries Are Leading Medical Personnel To Call It A Guacalypse

Thousands of people have fell victim to it, including Meryl Streep in 2012. While promoting the movie, Hope Sings , her left hand and left pinky finger were covered in a white bandage. Curiosity lead to her alerting the world she had slice her hand while cutting an avocado. She is in good company...
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Signs That Dominant Genes Are In Control Of Your Body

Our bodies are made up of two genes, dominant and recessive. The genes handed down from our parents, much like them picking a movie to watch, battle it out for superiority resulting in our hair and eye color and so much more. For instance, if you are right-handed, the dominant gene won out. 70%-90...
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Easy Trick To Improve Your Penmanship

Although Monday was National Handwriting Day (1/23), it seems writing with your hand is becoming as useful as a typewriter. The computer and more accurately, the smartphone are at the root. A 2013 study found that Americans send around of 4,735 texts a month, which means we are not getting a lot of...
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Frugal Faux Pas That Are Costing You More Than Saving

One thing we all learned during the recession is to be frugal with our money. But now things have turned around many of those penny-pinching habits may not be so thrifty in 2016. In short, with higher salaries being made your time becomes just as much of a commodity as your dollar. So as you clip...
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