Ways To Be Safer If You Go To The Gym During COVID19 Pandemic

Gymnasiums are behind bars and large music concerts as venues with the highest risk of coming in contact with COVID-19.
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RV Motor Home

Facebook Group Matches Healthcare Workers With Their RVs To Help Keep families Safe

A Facebook group matches healthcare workers worried of exposing their family to COVID-19 with RV owners who are willing to let them use thier vehicles for isolation.
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Advocates Say To Stop Hashtagging Your Kid's Photos For Their Safety

Pictures social media to bring us all closer and while we love to post pictures of our friends and family, we need to remember that those photos can be seen by the world. While it may be sweet to share photos of your children, there are bad elements that are searching for those pictures. And with...
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Drink More Water

Its New Year's resolution time and we're here to help with one of the healthiest resolution you can do. Drink more water. As many as 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration , which can cause a range of health problems from poor skin, digestive complications and even death! Considering 60%...
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Bad Driver Gets Own Facebook Page To Warn Others

There are bad drivers and then there is a driver that is so bad that a local community has started a Facebook page to warn others of your whereabouts! Simply known as "The CR-V Lady", several drivers in the Topeka, Kansas suburb of Tecumseh have posted their stories of the woman who drives a blue...
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The Original Party for the Pups V

Williston Animal Group invites you to support our fundraising efforts through sponsorship, ticket sales and/or product donation for the silent auction and raffles. We will be having a Chili Cook-off with salad, cornbread, desserts and drinks. Come mingle with other supporters, have a glass of wine...
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