Grape Juice Will Not Prevent You From Catching A Cold Or The Flu

Nobody wants to get sick. But as fall progresses and winter on its way the likelihood of you catching a virus increases and that leads us to seek out advice from the Internet. It is home to many reports about grape juice’s ability to fend off the violent virus that re-appear each year during cold...
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Cooking Tofu For Texture And Taste

Tofu has become central part of a meatless diet. While it is an excellent source of plant-based protein, it isn't like the beef, poultry, pork and fish in that a simple sprinkling of salt and pepper will sufficiently season it. But the good news is that with some simple cooking knowledge, you'll...
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Olive Oil Isn't Always Best For Cooking

Many of us opt for heart-healthy olive oil, one of the key ingredients in Mediterranean cooking, for all of our cooking needs, but it may not be the right oil for the job every time. While olive oil is usually the highest premium and healthiest oil with good flavor, it has one flaw, a low smoke...
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