EPA Adds Botanical Thymol To List That Kills Coronavirus

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has added cleaners containing the ingredient " thymol " to their list of approved coronavirus-killing products.
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Avoid Overusing Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer works really well in killing viruses and bacteria. The problem is it also kills the good bacteria on your skin. But as research is still ongoing about what constitutes a healthy hand microbiome, it can be hard to determine how much sanitizing is too much.
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Your Keys Are Filthy!

Cleanliness is your best defense in staying well through the cold and flu season. Although you use hand sanitizer religiously and clean light switches, remote controls and your cell phone on a daily basis, there's one item you use every day that you probably never cleaned. Your keys. Let's face it...
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Keep Your Skin In Shape After A Workout

Working out is great for your body! Well, most of your body. There are a lot of things lurking around the gym that can do more harm than good and those things can wreak havoc on your skin. Bacteria and fungus are everywhere! One of the biggest skin issues is acne. The bacteria that causes pimples...
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Beards Found To be Germier Than Dog Fur

There is no mistake that beards are fashionable. From the five o'clock shadow to a bird's nest, men are embracing the hair on their faces more than in recent memory. But there is a dark side to those beards. Results of a study proclaim that beards carry more bacteria on their person than dogs! The...
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Clean Your Phone Using a UV Light Sanitizer

On average we touch our phones 2,617 times a day. That's a lot of types, swipes and taps! All this touching of phones in bathrooms, gyms, offices, and the house and it is rarely we clean our phones beyond rubbing it on our pants thigh. The problem for many is how to clean them. Being such an...
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Do Not Touch Signs Popular With Parents

The lurking cold and flu season is on its way and this year a lot of parents are going all out to make sure their kids don't catch it. The American Academy of Pediatrics reported that 179 children died of flu-related causes since August; 18 of this year, with 80% of those affected not having...
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You Should Doing This Before Flushing Your Toilet

The big issue with the bathroom for years was to get everyone to wash their hands after using the facilities. However one area has been overshadowed and can render your recently washed hands completely filthy. After you've finished and before you flush, close the toilet lid. When you flush, the...
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You Should Be Cleaning Your Phone At Least Once A Day

Nothing does with us quite as much as our mobile phones. From the night stand to the car and even to the bathroom, it is no surprise that many refer to our phones as a mobile petri dish. Illness-causing germs—including the types that cause food poisoning, common colds and other infections—can only...
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How Often Should You Clean Your Office Coffee Mug?

Somehow the rules for cleaning differ from your home and the office, especially when it comes to your coffee cup. While you run your dishwasher nightly at home, it’s likely been a few weeks (if not months) since your office coffee mug received more than a casual rinse. But is that setting you up...
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