Six Sneaky Spending Habits That Cost You A Lot

When thinking about a budget, it's easy to only think about the big expenditures such as rent/mortgage, food and utilities. But there are some small yet sneaky ways you can lose sight of and end up costing you more than you would've imagined. For instance, subscriptions. Autopay has made...
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Government Extend Expiration Dates On EpiPens By Four Months Amid Shortage

Millions of people with food allergies depend on EpiPens to give them quick access to epinephrine in the event their allergy causes their throats to swell and close up. Epinephrine, more commonly known as adrenaline, a hormone that can help relax muscles. It can open airways and reduce swelling...
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Skip The Generics On These 3 Items And Buy Name Brand

A great way to stretch your shopping dollar is to buy generic items. From canned peas to prescription medicine, generics are generally the same quality as name-brands but at a reduced price. However not all generics are just as good as their more expensive cousins. Experts offer advice on three...
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