DIY: Giant Halloween Spider Decorations

While many homes will be displaying giant blow-ups of pumpkins and witches in their front yard, a simple DIY project can make your Halloween home decor stand out by making your own giant spiders
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People May Be More Allergic To Male Dogs Than Females

A new study indicates that there might be a simpler way to steer clear of pet allergies: just opt for a female dog.
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Beards Found To be Germier Than Dog Fur

There is no mistake that beards are fashionable. From the five o'clock shadow to a bird's nest, men are embracing the hair on their faces more than in recent memory. But there is a dark side to those beards. Results of a study proclaim that beards carry more bacteria on their person than dogs! The...
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Study Links Dog's Coat Color With Longevity

A new report is linking the color of their coasts to longevity. Research looked at the health outcomes of 33,000 veterinary patient records of one of the world's most popular dog breeds, Labradors. What they found was chocolate labs live significantly shorter lives than their black and yellow...
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Simple Guide In Dressing Up Your Pet For Halloween

Halloween is Monday and this weekend many will be hosting Halloween parties and for a few that involves dressing up your cat or dog. Well, more so your dog and cats aren't fans of clothing. But you should remember common sense for an animal not accustomed to wearing clothes. The golden rule is that...
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