Stop Force-Closing Your Phone Apps

Apple held its annual September announcement extravaganza of updates yesterday , making it known that the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Max, 5th generation Watch, sixth-generation iPad a subscription-based gaming arcade and an Apple TV Network are on their way. But no matter which version of phone you...
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police lights

Why Drink Alone When You Can Break Into Homes For Company?

It has been said that if you are drinking alcohol alone that you have a drinking problem. Perhaps that was the thinking behind Sean Haller's bizarre behavior last week in Pennsylvania. Last Tuesday, the 39-year old invited himself inside two different residents, with two 12-packs of beer and...
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May The Fourth Means An All-Day Star Wars Marathon

Tomorrow is May 4th, which sounds like a normal day but for Star Wars fans it is an important literal moment! May the Fourth Be With You: A round-up of @StarWars Day 2017 events to look forward to — Inside the Magic (@InsideTheMagic) May 2, 2017 “...
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How Forcing A Bathroom Break Can Bring Havoc To Your Bladder

It's a phrase no doubly you've either heard or said right before a long road trip, do you have to go to the bathroom? Usually the response to you saying no is, "Sure you don't want to try?" Come to find out, those words can wreck your bladder. Here’s why. According to an urologist at The Prostate...
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Report: Robots Responsible For Loss of Jobs And Lower Wages

We may have gotten it wrong about our robot overlords and them enslaving mankind. According to economists at MIT and Boston University, robots are doing the exact opposite of enslavement, they're replacing us in the workforce. Data collected between 1993 and 2007 shows that for each robot activated...
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