Changes In How We Spent The 2020 Stimulus Check Compared To 2008

Looking at the spending and saving habits of more than 1,600 people who received their stimulus check by April 21 in an approximate 6,000-person sample.
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Never Store Leftovers with Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is for baking, not storing leftovers.
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Food Stamp Benefit Card

You May Be Eligible For Food Stamps

If you’ve been laid off, furloughed or have lost income due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may be eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
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When Will We See Toilet Paper Back On The Shelves?

It seems like toilet paper and hand sanitizer should be back in stock by now. But that has not been the case. Over the past month, seeing empty store shelves of daily essentials has become the new normal. But when will we return to the old normal. Not soon, and it’s complicated.
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The Food Bowl Designed To Be Used While Eating On The Couch

The Couch Bowl.
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Cut Down On Food Waste With An "Eat This First" Shelf!

Cut down on food waste by creating a shelf with items with relatively short shelf life.
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Americans Are Wasteful With Food

Study finds American households throw away more than 30 percent of their food every year.
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What your Cat's Tail Is Telling You

Cats communicate in a variety of ways. Their purrs can have different meanings, but cats also communicate with body language. For example, ear position is a good indicator of how a feline is feeling. Upward ears mean a cat is alert or happy, while backward or flat ears mean to steer clear because...
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Three Signs Your Dog May Have Food Allergies

Just like in humans, your dog can develop allergic reactions to its food. However the exact ingredients they're reacting to can be tricky to pinpoint. First is to know the difference between a food allergy and a food sensitivity. When your dog has an allergic reaction to an ingredient in its food,...
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nutritional facts label

New Food Label Information Debuts This Month

At the start of the New Year, look for some changes to food labels. Mandated by the Food and Drug Administration, enhancements are making their debut this month (January 2020), all in an effort for you to be better informed with your choices of food. Probably the most relevant change is a more...
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