Is it safe to sit in the middle seat on an airplane?

After posting record losses, Southwest Airlines announced that it will no longer block the middle seat on flights starting Dec. 1. United and American Airlines have also announced they will resume selling the middle seat on flights.
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Company Ships Your Luggage So You Can Avoid Airline Fees

There was a time when you could fly to a distant destination and not have to pay extra to have your luggage accompany you. Those were the days! In 2017, airlines collected $4.6 billion in checked baggage fees, which has launched a new startup company called LugLess which offers a cost-competitive...
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Advice On How To Sleep On An Airplane

Trying to catch some sleep on an airplane is one of the most challenging quests known to humankind, unless you are fortunate enough to fly first class. But there may be certain spots in economy that make for the best shut-eye. First, pick a seat near the front of the airplane, which generally offer...
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