The One Mistake We Make In Brushing Our Teeth

Delay your rinse for a few minutes to maximize the health benefits of fluoride.
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Over A Third Of Children Use Too Much Toothpaste Which Can Damage Their Teeth

While parents battle daily for their kids to brush their teeth, that's actually brush them with toothpaste, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 40% of kids are using too much toothpaste. The report of kids aged three to six found that close to half used a toothbrush with was full or...
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Dentist Concerned Over Growing Anti-Fluoride Toothpastes

Dentists are always concerned for the health of your teeth and gums, which is why many are collectively voicing concern over toothpastes that lack fluoride. While health authorities recognize fluoride as a cavity blocker, the internet is dotted with claims, often from 'natural' toothpaste marketers...
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