Beware of Buying A Flood-Damaged Car

In Florida, selling cars with flood damage is legal as long as the seller discloses it to the buyer.
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Turbo Charge Your Cleaning Eraser With Vinegar

The cleaning eraser is a blessing in the home cleaning business. Stubborn stains such as kid's crayon marks on the wall, scuffmarks on the floor and wine ring stains on the countertops are no match to these wonders of cleaning. While the instructions say all that is needed is a few drops of water...
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Hurricane Preparedness

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes are a fact of life for the Heart of Florida. It's not a question of "if" as to "when" we will be affected by a storm. So make sure you and your family are prepared. Download the RADIO.COM app for iOS (iPhone,iPad) and Android now , select 98.5 KTK as your favorite and...
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