How To Keep Your Pumpkins To Last Longer

Halloween is a fun-scary holiday but there is nothing scarier than a sunken, sad pumpkin. Don't let your festive carved pumpkins go from sweet to scary. Put on a delightful display all season long with these tricks to extend the life of your pumpkins. First, handle your pumpkin with care and try...
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Rid Your Home of Fruit Flies With This DIY Trap

The summer is full of ripe and delicious fruit and vegetables and with those fruits usually comes those pesky fruit flies! However there is a simple and effective home hack you can use to rid your house of the gnat-like pests. All you need is some cider vinegar, a jar, dish soap, a rubber band and...
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Mosquitoes and Flies Less Attracted To LED Bulbs

Been resisting the purchase of new LED lightbulbs because they're so expensive? This might change your tune. New research claims that LED lightbulbs not only save energy but they attract fewer bugs. The study compared bugs attracted to light emitting from traditional incandescent bulbs, compact...
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