What You Need To Know When Flying A Low Cost Airline

The holidays are approaching and for many that means a trip across the country. But if you've been looking at airline ticket prices you may have noticed they're surprisingly cheap! Low-cost airlines have been hugely popular in saving you lots of money but before booking your flight there are some...
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Mobile Carrier Companies Offer Scam Call Protections

Call scammers are getting more sophisticated as we wise up to their attempts to rob us blind. But all is not lost as our phone carriers are now offering help to block these calls from every reaching your phone. The services cross reference incoming calls with a database of known and suspected robo...
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Car Rental Companies Cashing In On Toll Roads

Renting a car can be like navigating a gauntlet of free and charges that are not necessarily ones you have to pay. From insurance coverage to express fuel options,the convenience of time comes with extra rental fees has now been expanded to pre-paid tolls. As more road become pay-as-you-drive,...
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The Costs Of Vacationing With Your Pet

While the family plans on a summer vacation, most family pets rarely get the chance to join their family and end up staying at home or being boarded in a kennel. But there is a growing trend of people taking their pets with them and while the costs of boarding can be expensive, travel experts warn...
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Uber Fees Looking At Charging You What They Think You Are Willing To Pay

Fans of Uber, the transportation network company that employs private citizens as chauffeurs, may not be a fan of the company's latest pricing model, which isn’t based purely on time and distance, but on what the company thinks you’ll be willing to pay. The "route-based pricing" system will use a...
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ATM Fees Hit New High

Hurricane Matthew isn't the only news topic making records, a new report out says ATM fees to pull out your own cash has reached a new high. If you go to pull out cash from an out-of-network ATM machine, you'll pay on average a 23% fee for the privilege. The national average fee is around $4.50,...
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