What To Know About The Buy Now-Pay Later Purchase Option

While there was a brief resurgence in layaway during The Great Recession, it has been replaced with Buy Now-Pay Later services.
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Life Insurance For Your Children

While having a life insurance policyon yourself is wise, taking one out on your children or grandchildren may not be so wise.
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The Online Video Hacks That Are Truly Useless

Not all that you see in thsoe online video life hacks actually work in the real world.
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College Tuition Insurance Policies

Not all colleges and universities offer tuition refunds if your student has to withdraw for the semester due to COVID-19. That's where tuition insurance can help.
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The Cost For Selling Your House

You might hope that selling a home will leave more money in your pockets, but there are costs of selling a house that can make that difficult. Contrary to popular belief, selling a house isn’t cheap! A recent analysis from real estate company Zillow and home improvement site Thumbtack calculates...
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A Good Reason Not To Link Your Debit/Credit Card To Venmo

Vemno is like PayPal, where you can send and receive wire transfers. However unlike PayPal, Vemno doesn't charge a fee to transfer cash to and from your bank account. But that free cash transfer does not apply if you use a credit card. Venmo tacks on a 3% fee. It’s nearly the same as using Venmo...
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Six Sneaky Spending Habits That Cost You A Lot

When thinking about a budget, it's easy to only think about the big expenditures such as rent/mortgage, food and utilities. But there are some small yet sneaky ways you can lose sight of and end up costing you more than you would've imagined. For instance, subscriptions. Autopay has made...
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The Costs Involved With Bringing Your Pets On Vacation With You

The vacation talk is getting more serious as we make plans to take some rest and relaxation in the spring and summer months. But what about the dog? IT is become more commonplace for pet owners to take their four-legged family members with them. One survey found 40% of pet owners take their dogs...
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Company Ships Your Luggage So You Can Avoid Airline Fees

There was a time when you could fly to a distant destination and not have to pay extra to have your luggage accompany you. Those were the days! In 2017, airlines collected $4.6 billion in checked baggage fees, which has launched a new startup company called LugLess which offers a cost-competitive...
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How To Avoid The Hidden Tax Filing Fee

Filing your taxes has never been easier and receiving your refund has never been quicker. When you file your taxes online or with an agent, you’re usually given the option to deduct the cost of filing from your federal tax refund. While this is a convenient feature, experts say you really should...
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