Best Parking Lot Practices For Black Friday

There's a good chance your Black Friday shopping plans will take you to the mall. Of course, your shopping competition will also make a trip to the mall, which means the parking lot will be pretty full. So what do you do when it comes to finding a spot? Do you grab the first one you see, or drive...
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Florida To Open its Own Body Farm For Forensics Study

Perhaps not as family friendly as a new theme park, Florida is set to open a new body farm. The state has announced the opening of a new outdoor forensic research facility in Pasco County and the 7th such farm in the nation. The Florida Forensic Institute for Research, Security and Tactical...
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How Much Gas Is Left When The Low Fuel Light Comes On?

So you like to live life dangerously, like driving around with your low gas light gleaming a bright amber from your dashboard more often than not. Alright crowd that drinks milk from the jug, here's the lowdown on your portentous ways, the low fuel light and gas gauge varies based on your car's...
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