Readers Of Harry Potter Appear To Be More Tolerant

J.K. Rowling never could've imagined how her stories of Harry Potter would change the world. According to a study conducted by researchers kids who read Harry Potter hold more accepting views toward marginalized groups. The team looked at three groups of kids, the first were 5th graders, the second...
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Traditional Citronella Candles Useless In Keeping Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes Away

The warming weather means our favorite pesky summer insect will be back, the mosquito. As we prepare for their inevitable arrival and the Zika virus still a threat, scientist have found citronella candles, bracelets containing herbal extracts and sonic mosquito repelling units are useless in...
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Football Fans Are Willing To Give Up This So Their Team Wins The Superbowl

Football fans are preparing for the final game of the season as Superbowl 51 is set with the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots vying for the championship next Sunday (February 5, 2017). It's no shocker that football has its fans but to what extent some will go through for their team play for...
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