Black Lives Matter Heart Protest

Discussing Racism With A Racist Family Member

Everyone has that one family member who we’d gladly like to steer clear of when it comes to talking about politics and race.
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Safely Interact With Others During Coronavirus Pandemic

Months into the coronavirus crisis in the U.S., quarantine fatigue has set in.
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Handling Your Home If A Family Member Shows Signs Of Coronavirus

One of the biggest fears for households is that a member of your family suddenly starts displaying coronavirus symptoms. Just as you prepare your family for a hurricane, now is when you should be getting your plan together on how to handle a potentially infected family member.
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COVID-19 Family Activities

Activites to do with your family during stay-in-place
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Website Offers 50% Off Last-Minute Hotels On Christmas For People Needing To Escape Family

The holidays are joyful times with friends and family. Although we love our families and friends, sometimes they can only be handled in small doses. So H has introduced special 50% off #XmasEscapeRates this holiday season , so people who are home visiting their families can duck out at...
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House Across From The British Royal Family Is Looking For A Renter

You may never be Royals, as Lorde would sing, but at least now you could live next to one. While the British Royal Family has estates all over the United Kingdom, Prince William and Kate Middleton have a special place in their hearts for their country estate known as Amner Hall in the small town of...
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Let Alexa Keep Tabs On The Family Chores

With family chores, kids often spend more time protesting and less time doing the actual job. But why should you be the bad guy? Put Alexa in charge! As with all of Alexa's skills, you need t first create a chore chart using Alexa Skill Blueprints , where you simply fill in the blanks of a template...
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The Biggest Reasons Couples And Families Fight During A Vacation

Summer is known for hot days, bugs and vacations. While we tend to enjoy our days away from "the norm," occasional disagreements occur and according to a recent survey the biggest conflict between couples on vacation is work. 44% of respondents said they have gotten into an argument with a spouse...
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How To Get A Break From The Kids On A Family Vacation

There's a saying that if you include the kids, it’s no longer a vacation, it's just a trip. While vacationing with your family around the country and world opens your kid's eyes to the world and make for a lifetime of memories, it can be suffocating for you and your spouse. But with a little...
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The End Of A Dollar-Priced Era As The Last Holdout Raises Prices

It's the end of an era for America's last dollar store says they are raising prices beyond the dollar mark that is the hallmark of their name. Dollar Tree announced it would be raising prices in response to rising trade tensions between the United States and China, despite a better-than-expected...
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