App Pairs Up Your Office Secret Santas

The office Secret Santa can be a fun way to celebrate the holidays and build a closer relationship among coworkers. But let's face it, being in charge of picking matches can be a chore and the last thing you want is to be accused of playing favorites or having to do it all over because you picked...
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Program Swaps Elderly Drivers Licenses For Ramen Noodles

A sobering fact of life in America is that older drivers, especially those 70 and older are at an increased risk of a fatal car accidents. The same is true for many other countries, including Japan, which has one of the highest elderly populations in the world. It is very hard for someone to hand...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Catches Fire: Voluntary Exchange Program Launched

It's the world's most popular smart phone platform, the Samsung Galaxy and with the latest release of the Galaxy Note 7, it's on fire, literally. Since its release last month, many owners have said, and posted video, of their Galaxy Note 7 catching fire, due to its battery. Rather than face a...
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