Company Makes Cat Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoos have never been more popular and mainstream than they are today. And while you wouldn't ever think putting ink on your pet as a good idea, you can get a tattoo sleeve for your beloved pets! Simply Sphynx has a line of cat clothes that have colorful and intricate tattoo designs originally...
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Create Cookies That Look Like You

: Who doesn't want to see their face on a cookie? In a world where you can get just about anything, Spoiled Kitty Designs can create a cookie cutter that resembles you, or a loved one. As you'd expect, you upload a portrait picture and Spoiled Kitty Designs will create a cookie cutter out of...
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Now You Can Drink Your Wine Out Of A Pringles Can

We're just in the beginning stages of a new year and we already have some memorable news events, including the Texas woman who was banned from Walmart for riding around in an electric scooter while drinking wine from a Pringles can. Now we don't know if it's a Texas thing or a southern thing but it...
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