Hang On To That Empty Prepaid Debit Card

Perhaps your stocking was stuffed with a prepaid debit card over the holidays. While your instinct is to ditch the card once all the money has been spent, you might want to hang on to one of them. On the practical side, if you end up getting a refund on a return item purchased with the prepaid...
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Use A Ping Pong Ball To Keep Your Christmas Tree Hydrated

Now that the Christmas tree is up the daunting task of making sure it doesn't dry up begins. Between the dog drinking from it and the kids forgetting to fill it up, your pricey evergreen can lose its needles before Christmas and even worse be a big fire hazard. Here's a simple way to make sure your...
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Why Your Text Messages Have Empty Boxes

Ever notice some text messages you receive contain empty boxes or out of context symbols or letters? It's not because the text sender is having a stoke or accidently butt-texted you. It's because your device does not support the emoji that has been received. Conversely, not every emoji you send...
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