Peep On A Perch Picks Up Where Elf On A Shelf Left Off

Well it appears Elf on a Shelf has some cousins looking for work! Come to find out the Easter bunny needs help just like Santa in keeping tabs on kids. So Peep on a Perch has come to the rescue! Like the Christmas version, Peeps' set comes with a storybook meant to inspire good behavior in children...
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Santa's Lazy Gnome Is A Laid Back Cousin Of Elf On A Shelf

You got to admit, Elf on a Shelf has really help keep an eye on the kids so that Santa know if they need to be on the naughty or nice list. But let's face it, Elf on a Shelf can keep you busy as you direct it all around the house. However, Santa's Lazy Gnome is much less involved. Just like the elf...
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Elf On A Shelf Breaks Leg In Skydiving Mishap

Many Elves on a Shelfs are known to my mischievous as they observe kids and report their actions to Santa. Each morning the scout elf flies back from the North Pole and sometimes catching a ride is the only way it can happen. That's what happened to Krisoff who is tasked with watching 9 -year old...
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