11-Year Old Girl Sews Handbags To Raise Money For Hurricane Devastated Puerto Rico

The 2017 hurricane season is a distant memory for most, except those in Puerto Rico where estimates still show roughly 20% of the population still does not have power or clean water four months after Maria devastated the U.S. Territory. Meital Sternthal knows a little about the area. Near Puerto...
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This Store's coffee Has the Most Caffeine

Coffee's caffeine content has been tested and if you're looking strictly for the bigger doses of caffeine, you may want to hit the convenience store instead of your barista. Testing firm, Labdoor, tested medium size coffee sizes from four national coffee chains: Starbucks, 7-Eleven, McDonald's and...
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11 Pounds of Coins Removed From A Sea Turtle's Stomach

When you toss a coin into a well it's accompanied by a wish. Rarely do you give it much thought as to what happens once it hits the water. In Thailand, a 25-year old green sea turtle named Bank, has been eating coins; 915 to be exact over the years. She resides in a seaside town where many tourist...
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