Save The Water Used To Boil Eggs For Your Houseplants

Many find dyeing Easter eggs as a fun family tradition. Whether you're boiling eggs to decorate or to eat in the morning, a smart tip you can use is to save your egg water for your plants. Plants love calcium and it is essential for keeping the pH level balanced in the soil. Egg shells contain...
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Cadbury Creme Egg-Flavored Mayonnaise?

When we look back at the year 2019 it might just be remembered as the year our condiments combined into new creations! From Maymust (Mayonnaise and mustard) to Kranch (ketchup and ranch dressing) it seems the minds at Heinz have also thought about Easter as the company known for condiments has...
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Cook And Dye Easter Eggs In 6 Minutes With An Instant Pot

People who have an Instant Pot sing its praises for cutting down cooking times and simplifying life. So get ready to be amazed again because not only can you can cook and dye Easter eggs in an Instant Pot, it take just six minutes to do it all! All you need is water, liquid food coloring, white...
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Kylie Jenner x Travis Scott

There's a New "Most Liked" Picture on Instagram

Sorry Stormi and Kylie Jenner, there's a new number one on the gram
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