App Adds Sound Effects & Music To Bedtime Stories Read To Your Kids

Parents have been reading bedtime stories to their children for a long as there have been books. But this is the 21st century and while the traditions of the past live on, technology is making them more interesting. The Novel Effect app is the first of its kind that adds sound effects and music to...
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FDA Considering Changing How Pharmaceutical Advertisements Air

All those pills, crèmes and sprays advertised by drug companies on radio, TV and online, with that laundry list of potential side effects are "overwarning us", says the FDA! The Food and Drug Administration requires that drug commercials provide a 'fair balance' of information both the benefits and...
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Can Coffee Make You Drunk?

The cup of coffee has a long history of waking us up in the morning and to sober you up after a few too many adult beverages but it's never really compared to alcohol in the same context of making you feel light-headed, talkative and acting silly. Now science says it is possible that drinking a...
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