The Effectiveness of Plexiglass Shields

Plexiglass shields have become the silent, see-through hero in the age of coronavirus.
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Keeping Hand Sanitizer In Your Car Makes It Less Effective And Could Potentially Explode

Keeping bottles of hand sanitizer in your hot car can cause its active ingredient, alcohol, to evaporate, making the sanitizer less effective.
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Antibacterial Soap vs Regular Soap

In a world or coronavirus, it is tempting to reach for what appears to be the strongest possible cleaning product available. That might lead you to wonder if you need to be washing your hands with soap that specifically says “antibacterial.”
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Homemade Sunscreens Are Not An Effective Way To Protect Your Skin

The self-satisfaction of creating goods yourself is fueling the Do It Yourself craze. It’s a healthy way to escape the stresses of the world and when it comes to what you put in and on your body, it comes down to knowing exactly what ingredients ae included. It's why Pinterest and other websites...
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SPF Moisturizers Not As Effective As Traditional Sunscreen

Many people rely on SPF moisturizers to keep their skin hydrated, reduce their risk of cancer and keep them looking young. But a study suggests these lotions may fail to protect us against skin cancer. Researchers found that nearly 17% (16.6%) of the face is missed when we apply creams with added...
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Breakfast May Not Be The Most Important Meal Of The Day

A new report released this week suggests ‘the most important meal of the day’ may not help people to control their weight! For years it was thought that eating a big breakfast in the morning stops you feeling as hungry throughout the day, helping people to slim down. But researchers found there is...
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New Study Says Bug Bombs Are Mostly Ineffective And Dangerous To Your Health

Roaches, fleas, silverfish. We work hard to keep these pests out of our homes. For generations the mother of all pest defense has been the bug bomb. A new report out is warning residents to banish the bug bomb as they are not only ineffective but are dangerous to you and your family's health! The...
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Battle Depression With A Hot Bath

Depression affects nearly 10% of the U.S. population and is a leading cause of disability for Americans between the ages of 15 and 44. While talking with your doctor about an appropriate treatment plan is something you should defiantly do, new research suggests that a bath could be a fantastic aid...
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Sunscreen Does Expire

With the days getting longer and the temperatures getting warmer, we can expect to find ourselves outside more often. But as you reach for the sunscreen you purchased last year, is it still effective in protecting your skin from sun damage? Maybe. Sunscreen does expire and is effective for three...
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Your Allergies May Not Be Allergies At All

Congestion, running nose, itchy ears, all signs of allergies and this time of year it is hard to escape. But are grass, tree and weed pollens to blame? Not necessarily. Many people suffer from common condition known as nonallergic rhinitis, a reaction that can be triggered by an infection, a...
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