Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic Band For Sale

Get ready to say goodbye to part of your childhood if you ever had your birthday party or attended one at Chuck E. Cheese. The company announced in August that it is phasing out the animatronic bands that would entertain you with popular songs. But it is not all bleak thanks to Craigslist. An...
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Gingers Popularity Is Growing

Call it “The Ed Effect.” Red-headed men are getting more attention lately, and they have Ed Sheeran to thank. That’s according to a poll of 175 red-headed males ages 24 to 34. In a companion poll of 1,000 women, more than a third said they have a more positive perception of red-haired men, and one...
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Ed Sheeran Says New Music Coming This Week

Ed Sheeran is making it known that 2017 will involve some new music this week! Hello 2017... pic.twitter.com/1UyjpgoFbo — Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) January 1, 2017 No other information was immediately available. We can't wait!
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