Gum Disease Linked With Premature Death In Older Women

There is a lot you can tell about your health by looking at your teeth. Researchers took a look at the health records of 57,000 women over the age of 55 and found that your oral hygiene can be an indicator of your overall health. They found older women with a history of periodontal disease, which...
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VIDEO: Parking Ticket Issued Because Car Parked Two Seconds Too Early

No one likes getting a traffic ticket, especially when you receive a parking ticket because you pulled your car into a spot two seconds too early. Providence, Rhode Island, home of the most stringent parking enforcement department in the country, also has a local weekly TV show that follow traffic...
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When We Make The Most Grammatical Mistakes Of The Day

Replying to emails can be a daunting task, especially when there are several that need your immediate attention. But is there a better time of the day to reply? Grammarly, a web and Microsoft Office add-on that corrects spelling and grammar mistakes has analyzed our fast fingers, counted out...
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