How You Know When To Shake Or Stir A Cocktail

Now that we are at the end of another work week, perhaps you'll celebrate the occasion with an adult beverage after work. But as anyone who is a fan of James Bond will tell you, Martinis are meant to be shaken, not stirred. So what is the big deal between stirring a cocktail and shaking it? A lot...
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Create Seasonal Flavor Drinks With The Needles From Your Christmas Tree

Sadly, Christmas is over and Christmas trees have begun to line up on the side of the road. But before any Christmas tree reaches its final destination, it can have a chance at a second life; at least its needles can. The needles can be snipped and used to create a spruce beer or ale. Spruce beer...
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Warning That Diet Drinks Increase Chances Of Developing Diabetes

There is growing evidence that drinking diet drinks and soda increases your risk of diabetes, heart problems, weight fluctuations, and even death. A new report found that just two weeks of high intake of low-calorie sweeteners was enough to significantly alter the make-up of bacteria in the gut...
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Apple cider. Orange, christmas.

Get a Taste of Our Favorite Fall Drinks & Cocktails

Everyone wants to try a Mama Say, Mama Sa, Mi-Mamosa!
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Are Sports Drinks Best When Hydrating After A Good Sweat?

It is so important to stay hydrated as it regulates body temperature, allows your heart to work more efficiently, prevents headaches and muscle fatigue, aids digestion, and even boosts your mood. But it doesn't take much for our bodies to become dehydrated, from a great workout to simply being...
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How to Make a Homemade Blueberry Lemonade With Fresh Mint

This festive lemonade is deliciously refreshing and makes an attractive addition to your table or picnic. Check out the video recipe from The Food Channel here : PREPARATION: Combine the lemonade concentrate in a large pitcher, at least 1 gallon. In a medium glass mixing bowl muddle mint, sugar,...
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