McCafe Cups Get a Cheeky Edit From One Drinker That Goes Viral

Many times, an innocent tip of the hat to the holidays ends up being the butt of jokes and in this case, literally. McDonald's began selling its McCafe coffee in this year's holiday-themed cups featuring two white mittens coming together at the finger tips, thumbs extended with "Warmest Greetings"...
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KFC Scented Candle In Time For The Holidays

If you love candles and love KFC, then we presented the match made in heaven. The fast food chicken chain is making a limited release of fried chicken-scented candles for the ultimate KFC fan. However you cannot pop in to your KFC or Yankee Candle store and buy this stocking stuffer. It's a prize...
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Company Transforms Children's Art Into Wearable Fashion

Refrigerator doors across the Heart of Florida are usually are covered in kid's art projects. Some of them are downright adorable. Now there is a company that will transform your child's art drawing into clothing! A company called Picture This will transform that cute picture into dress! Company...
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