Dr. Seuss Books Delivered 20 Years Later

It may take some time but the Postal Service will deliver the mail, even if it's 2 years late! Vera Walker of Orlando ordered a set of Dr. Seuss books for her granddaughter in 1998, when she was 4-years old. Sadly the bundle of books never arrived and it appeared the package was truly lost in the...
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The Best Beaches In America

As we welcome the Memorial Day weekend, many of our thoughts turn to the coast, the smell of sunscreen and the feeling of your toes in the sand. Fortunately for us, three of the top 10 Beaches in America are in Florida, where Siesta Key Beach , in Sarasota, rates number one for 2017. Florida...
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The Best Way To Live Healthy Based On Your Sleep Pattern

How did you sleep last night? It's a questions we usually associate with someone selling a mattress to you. But besides a fresh mattress, the type of sleeper you are should not only influence your sleep but your overall health and productivity. That's the word from a psychiatrist and sleep...
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