Signs That You Are A Boring Person

People just won't come out and tell you that you're boring, but how can you self-evaluate your boredom factor? Well there are key factors for you to consider. Your listening skills for one. Being un-boring isn’t just about saying all the interesting things that pop in your head. It’s about being a...
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Pedestrians Killed By Vehicles Highest In Nearly 30 Years

Some good reasons to put away your phone when walking along the sidewalk as a new report estimates the number of people hit and killed by a vehicle climbed to its highest level in nearly 30 years with Florida leading the nation in fatalities . Data reviewed by the Governors Highway Safety...
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The Highest And Lowest Traffic Fines In The United States Of America

The average fine for speeding in the United States is $423.36, but fines vary from state to state. While speeding fines are $226 in Florida, going over the speed limit in Alabama results in a $20 fine! But watch your lead foot in Nevada, where driving 13 miles over the speed limit will cost you $1,...
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