Company Will Send Your Favorite Treats From Walt Disney World To Your Home

Just as most people have their favorite ride at Walt Disney World, many have their favorite snack from Disney World. Fortunately, you no longer have to travel to the theme parks for your favorite treat. Boxney , a service not affiliated with Disney, physically send members of their team to Magic...
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Star Wars

Watch the First Trailer for 'Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker'

The first teaser from the final chapter
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'The Lion King' Comes to Life in New Trailer

Scar is already awful in this gorgeous new preview
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Disney Offering Bathroom Passes For Those In Line For Star Wars Ride

Star Wars fans have been waiting a long time for their fantasy to become reality as Walt Disney World and Disneyland prepare to open "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" this year! While it has been a long time coming, it is going to be a long line to stand in to experience the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers...
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An Ingenious Way High Volume Restrooms Reduce Wait Times

A trip to Walt Disney World is a bucket list item for many people and starting Monday (4/1/19), you can enter our contest to see if you can win tickets ! However you attend, Walt Disney World has ways to spread magic to make the popular (and often crowded) parks an enjoyable experience for all. One...
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These Old VHS Tapes Are Worth Big Bucks

It sounds crazy that outdated technology is worth more than the latest electronic gadgets but lurking in your closet, attic or garage could be worth it if you happen to have some old VHS video tapes. While we search online for movies, nostalgic fans are dropping big cash for vintage VHS tapes you...
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The official movie trailer for Will Smith's 'Aladdin' is out

SCREENSHOTS: Watch the Trailer for Will Smith's Live Action 'Aladdin'

The first official trailer is out for the new live-action 'Aladdin' movie, starring Will Smith as the genie.
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You could win Florida Resident 3-Day Discover Disney Tickets from 98.5 KTK

You could win Florida Resident 3-Day Discover Disney Tickets from 98.5 KTK! Experience three days of new and classic Disney magic. Rediscover timeless adventures. Savor fresh spring festivities. And create new memories in the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks!
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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Disney's 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' Announces Opening Date and a Lot More

These ARE the parks you're looking for
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The Lion King

SCREENSHOTS: Disney Delivers Another Look at 'The Lion King'

A new poster and trailer for the live-action remake
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