The Maintenance Text Can Be A Relationship Saver!

There’s no magic bullet or divine secret to maintaining a romantic relationship as every couple is different. But if there’s one thing that’s almost always guaranteed to help, it’s more communication. That communication can be a simple as a flirt. When it comes to communicating, texting has made it...
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The Toilet Roll Personality Test

Toilet paper can be a point of contention in many homes. Should the paper over or under? A survey of 2,000 people and discovered those who 'roll over' (leaving the loose end away from the wall) like being in charge, like organization and order, and some even said they would flip a roll at a 'roll...
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How To Spot A Lie Based On Eyes And Feet

To lie or not to lie. Let's be honest (or are we), we lie quite often. One recent study found that the average man lies four times a week while woman lie about three times a week. Most of these are little white lies but over time those harmless little lies can turn into one or more big ones...
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